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March 16, 2016

90 Mega Festival

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Written by: Hatmatuki
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When you think of the 90s, you automatically think of hours waiting with the tape recorder to the radio, receive the favorite song, the beloved Gameboy, ass antlers and tattoo Collars, Kinder mice, the Walkman, “Dinosaurs”, Michael Jackson , Tamagotchi, Snake in the first own phone, “Back to the future” and Windows 95. in addition, we should remember not rewound videotapes, flashing sneakers, Buffalos, plush and the Love Parade! But little does the 90 had a greater influence as the countless Boybands and of course the genre Euro Dance!

We’re taking you back to the 90s!
Rejoice live on 90s decor, 90’s atmosphere and of course the best acts of the 1990s, on our stage! We take you on a journey through time. Celebration to your favorite songs from the past and feel back to you in this mega time!
On 5 August la 18:00 în Switzerland (Emmen LU):
Acts as the boy band “2 Unlimited” , “Culture Beat” , “SNAP!” , “East 17” , “Haddaway” , “Dr. Alban” , “Magic Affair” , “Right said Fred” , “Fun Factory” , “Whigfield” , “ELOY (ex-Caught in the Act)” and “Mr. President ft. Layzee” to give glory!

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