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January 12, 2018

Discoteq 90 live in Ukraine :Ace of Base,Haddaway,MR.President,Snap!

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Written by: Hatmatuki
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Ace of Base Legend, Haddaway, MR.President, Snap! In Kiev! Within the framework of the festival “Disco 90”!

We invite to a large-scale inflammatory festival in Kiev, where you will return to the carefree loud youth, and someone – and in childhood!
The Disco 90 Festival is a three-hour dance-musical marathon featuring special effects, atmospheric scenery, professional dance shows, favorite rhythms of eurodance and hits, or say “Hitiariam”, performed by real world pop stars, legendary idols of several generations: Ace of Base (Jenny Berggren), Haddaway, MR.President, Snap !!

Yes Yes! By their own person, these headliners of the evening will appear on the stage of the Capital Sports Palace and bring you to the fierce ecstasy of their original “All That She Wants”, “Happy Nation”, “Unspeakable”, “Wheel of Fortune”, “What is Love”, ” Coco Jumbo, The Rhythm Is A Dancer, The Power and many other compositions that set the pace for all discos in the 90’s!

Ace of Base – a Swedish pop group, the top idol of the nineties, whose album “Happy Nation” has hit the Guinness Book of Records as “the most cumulative debut album.” This Stockholm four is even compared to Liverpool, assessing the enormous contribution to the development of musical culture.
Haddaway is a well-known English-speaking pop musician whose peak hit the nineties. And his singles “What is Love” took first place in virtually all countries of Europe, Asia, North and South America. And the following songs, Life, I Miss You and Rock My Heart, have secured Haddaway’s fame as one of the most popular Eurovision performers.
MR.President is a German dance group in the style of eurodance, whose work has had a tremendous success on European dance floors, and the most famous song is the rhythmic Coco Jumbo.
Project Snap! was created in Frankfurt am Main by the producers of “techno” music. The Power composition was one of the biggest hits of the 1990s and contributed to the popularization of the Eurodance style outside the Federal Republic of Germany. But the most Snap! became famous with its sparkling hit “Rhythm is a Dancer”, which still remains the leader in the style of the Eurodance since its inception.

A striking addition to this top-line ape will be the performances of Ukrainian artists accompanied by the symphony orchestra “Lords of the Sound”, to complete your immersion in the atmosphere of the disco of the 90’s.

Do not miss the opportunity to confront your head in a grand festival, the Disco 90 machine with the participation of legendary performers, after which you will recover for a long time and return to your everyday life! Tickets here


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