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May 17, 2017

SOLID BASE release a new song “We’re Gonna Rock It” VIDEOCLIP 2017

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Producers Jonas Eriksson and Mattias Eliasson teamed up with singer Isabelle Heitman (born in Oslo, Norway) with a backround in ethnic and classical music after attending classes in Gottenburg and Stockholm and DJ/rapper Thomas Nordin to assemble an Euro-pop duo. Solid Base debuted in 1994 with the release of “Together,”. Their debut album called Finally followed in 1996. However, their first smash “Come’N’Get Me,” was featured two years later on their second full-lenght record entitled The Take Off. Originally released in 1999 Express became Solid Base’s first international success, including the Japanese chart-topping single “Once You Pop (You Can’t Stop),”. Since 2014, Solid Base has returned with a new member, Norwegian Camilla Alvestad from the group Reset as their lead vocalist and Thomas Nordin. Most of the time, Reset and Solid Base tour together as Reset vs. Solid Base.

In September 16, 2015, Solid Base released a new single called “Wet”.

In January, 2017, Solid Base released a new single called “We’re Gona Rock it!”


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