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January 25, 2016

Sonic Dance Power Vol. 2

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Written by: Hatmatuki
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Sonic Dance Power II is the second in a series of techno-dance compilations released in the Netherlands using the Sonic the Hedgehog brand. Contrary to what the Sonic Triple Trouble cover implies, none of the songs are actually based on Sonic or any related SEGA franchise. Soon after the first one, they followed up with another. Here, the drink sippin’ Sonic stock art is on the beach while Knuckles is riding a jet ski. It actually looks like they’ve stolen a head off of the ‘standard’ Knuckles stock art and re-used it here. This one has music by Scooter, Telus, Herbie, Mr Jack, 740 Boyz, Knockabout, and Cat Decor. (Cat Decor?) There are likely more artists, which will be listed if someone submits track lists.



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