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Regina – Blue Moon (the new song 2017)

Posted June 12, 2017 by Hatmatuki

                                  The great electro-pop singer, “REGINA”, launches after one year, another song that characterizes her music style: “Blue Moon”. Looking at the recordings of “Regina,” we remember hits such as “Killing Me Softly 1996”, “Day By Day 1997”, “What You […]

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Do you remember of Garcia band?

Posted June 6, 2017 by Hatmatuki

Because we are in the summer season, i present you a band that made sensations in clubs through the 90s in the summer. Many people believed due to the text used in the songs, that the Garcia band is original in Spain, but that’s not the case. Garcia is originally from Germany and launched in 1996 […]

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LOVE THE 90´s Summer Edition 2017

Posted May 25, 2017 by Hatmatuki

  Love the 90’s festival in a Summer Edition features a luxury poster formed by Jenny from Ace of Base, Snap !, Ice MC, Whigfield, Corona and OBK, presented by the legendary announcer Fernandisco and animated by the Jumper Brothers. All this in a unique show with impressive effects, two dance bodies and three choreographers […]

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SOLID BASE release a new song “We’re Gonna Rock It” VIDEOCLIP 2017

Posted May 17, 2017 by Hatmatuki

Producers Jonas Eriksson and Mattias Eliasson teamed up with singer Isabelle Heitman (born in Oslo, Norway) with a backround in ethnic and classical music after attending classes in Gottenburg and Stockholm and DJ/rapper Thomas Nordin to assemble an Euro-pop duo. Solid Base debuted in 1994 with the release of “Together,”. Their debut album called Finally […]

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