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slave to the music

Twenty 4 Seven – Slave To The Music 2k16 (Jason Parker Classic Video Edit)

Posted March 11, 2016 by Hatmatuki

When in 1989 successful Dutch producer, remixer and owner of the “Twenty 4 Seven” concept Ruud van Rijen started with this dance group, he couldn’t foresee it’s enormous success both nationally and internationally. Stay-C and Li-Ann will be working 24/7 all around the world again. They started off in 2015 in Latin America, where they had […]

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“BG the Prince of Rap” is back with a new single “No Limits”

Posted May 27, 2016 by Hatmatuki

A part of the chorus will remind something to every eurodance fan. A remix packages will be out on June 6th and it will include a eurodance version by RealThing. This is BG’s first single since 20 years (Thanks to Krasi)

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Sonic Dance Power Vol. 1

Posted January 24, 2016 by Hatmatuki

This first one arrived around the time of Sonic Triple Trouble for the Game Gear. To help with the game’s popularity as you can see with the cover, Knuckles and Knack/Fang the Sniper are all making an appearance in somewhat-unique art, while Sonic snowboards. The top describes it as “30 Super Energetic Dance Hits”. The […]

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Construction – What Is In Love

Posted May 10, 2016 by Hatmatuki

Construction was founded by songwriter Chris D (real name Chris Djritschek) with 2 other male singers and dancers, Helmut Wolff and Huso Bajric. They released their first single Oh Girl in 1991. Second single Sex Is Like Fire featured vocals by Angela Martin. Both were produced by The Movement (Frank Hassas, Jürgen Wind and Olaf […]

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