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Masterboy release a new single “Are you ready” 2018 (We Love The 90s)

Posted March 25, 2018 by Hatmatuki

The renowned German band “Masterboy” has released the latest creation “Are you ready”, which has an influential classic-eurodance, a rhythm track that surely reminds you of the 90’s. The Masterboy band reunited in the original form, tours in several European countries and beyond, the song “Are You Ready”is prepare to release in April. Congratulations Masterboy […]

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Love The 90’s Forever Young live on Festival

Posted March 7, 2018 by Hatmatuki

Love the 90’s returns in 2018 to the most emblematic venues in Spain and with a luxury poster featuring the best dance artists of the decade. Live on Stage: Alexia, Rozalla, Corona, Tehnotronic, 2Fabiola, Paradisio, Twenty4Seven, Double Vision, Alice DJ, Tallesa, Ku Minerva and more. Tickets already on sale in www.yosaliadefiestaenlos90.com

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“Time To Fly” – new single by Soundstream

Posted February 7, 2018 by Hatmatuki

We are surely glad when we look at the music market and we notice that more and more often that classical songs come back in force in 2018. Soundstream’s Ukrainians are launching a new song a few days ago that will surely like you because it keeps the style the original eurodance and sure will […]

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E-Rotic “Mr. Mister” Radio -Promo-

Posted February 6, 2018 by Hatmatuki

Since 2014, the 90s cult project E-rotic rocks again the international stages! With Mr. Mister, Lyane Leigh and her stage partners with Mr. Mister now also fresh! Godfathers, like all big hits, were godfather David Brandes and Felix J. Gauder. As part of the growing enthusiasm of the 90s, they have deliberately decided to pack […]

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