Tania Evans relaunches the “Culture Beat” project

Written by on 3 noiembrie 2018

Culture Beat is a German Eurodance project formed in 1989 by Torsten Fenslau. Those who gave birth to the famous song “Mr.Vain” are: Tania Evans and Jay Spreme in 1993, and then Tania took the place of Lana Earl.
In 2001 Jacky Sangster replaced Kim as the fourth female lead singer for Culture Beat. The single called “Insanity” was released in 2001 which flopped in Germany; however, reached number 1 in Israel. In 2003, to commemorate ten years since the release of the group’s biggest hit, a new version of “Mr. Vain” was issued in Germany and reached number 7 in the singles chart. In 2004, a Greatest Hits package was released ahead of a planned new album with Jacky as vocalist, but was canceled before “Can’t Go on Like This ” was released. This single had minor success as well. “Your Love” was released in 2008, and is Culture Beat’s most recent single to date. Jacky and a male rapper known by the stage name “MC 4T” (according to the official website) continue to perform at different 90’s revival venues around the world.

In January 2013, a compilation album was released, “The Loungin’ Side of”, which contains acoustic and lounge versions of hits taken from Inside Out and Metamorphosis.
Tania Evans (original voice of the Mr. Vain song) has decided that the project “Culture Beat” is going on and we are glad to see it on stage at 90th retro music events.

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