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November 4, 2017

The “MAXX” band feels good in 2017

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Written by: Hatmatuki
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After 20 years since the breakup of MAXX, original vocalist “Linda Meek” (aka Elyse) reunited with MAXX creators “David Brunner” and “Jürgen Wind” without him “David Brunner” (aka The Hitman) in August 2016. The three began making plans to reform MAXX with a new rapper. In December 2016, an all new rapper and front man was recruited in the act.
MAXX is one of the longest-running dance music bands, founded in 1993, the first single released in October with “Samira Besic”, entitled “Get-A-Way”, quickly became a Top 10 hit in Germany and grew to become a major dancefloor sensation in night clubs all over Europe. In 1994, “No More I Can not Stand It” appears along with Linda Meek (now known as Elyse) singer-songwriter.

Over the years, he released tracks such as “Power of Love” 1994 (for special Christmas iteration of “Bravo Hits”), “Move Your Body” in 1995 and broke up prematurely late in 1995 and returns spectacularly in 2016.
Currently, the band enjoys many live concerts throughout Europe and the next show will be on “SUNSHINE LIVE DIE90ER”- 25 NOV. 2017 (MANNHEIM, GERMANY) (click for tickets).

Surse: Official MAXX home page.

Surce photo: http://milestoneartist.com


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