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Herbie – I Believe 1995 (Videoclip + Biography)

Written by on 1 august 2017

Herbie St Clair Crichlow aka “Diamond” was produced by Denniz Pop and appeared on Cheiron records. The first 3 singles he released were eurodance style. The female vocals of I Believe were done by Nana Hedin and Dayeenehas. One of the remix of this single was done by Amadin. Herbie has also co-written songs for many artists such as E-Type. He currently lives in Sweden but comes from England.

In 1996 he released Clap Your Hands which was a hip-hop track. A forthcoming CD album was announced but it never came out.

In 1997, he was awarded the U.N Non Violence project Special Award

2000 : Cheiron Studios closed and Herbie formed Dreamstate Productions with Eric Le Tennen

Recently, Herbie produced the Swedish version of the real-TV program Popstars.

A few years later, the boys band Five released their first single Slam Dunk (Da Funk) which was based on the same beat and melody as Herbie’s old song.

Herbie stands behind many hits of pop and dance artists such aslike Backstreet Boys, Robyn, Leila K, The Fooo, Drain STH, Five, Al Dimeola and Jessica Folcker, amongst many others. His songs have been Grammy nominated 5 times. He was also 4-time ASCAP-awarded for “Most played song of the year”

The most successful hit, is called “I Belive” and was released in 1995 and we invite you to watch it.
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