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We Love Retro 2018 (video)

Written by on 2 noiembrie 2018

The anniversary edition with no. 5 last weekend took place at the biggest retro party in Romania, in the heart of Transylvania in Cluj-Napoca. A hundred thousand fans of this kind of music bombed the BT Arena building in an incendiary show, the N-Trance band raised the audience in the legs of the stands and hummed hits like: “Do You Think im Sexy “,” Set You Free “.

C.C. Catche was the surprise evening for many nostalgic musicians in 80’s disco. The bandmates started their mobile phones and captured the well-known but never forgotten tracks such as “Welcome to the Heartbreak Hotel”, “Heaven And Hell”, “Soul Survivor,” “Strangers By Night”.

When it comes to Eurodance, the first band that comes to mind is Masterboy who, along with Beatrix Delgado (the original voice of the project), electrified the nostalgic audience that reminded of childhood through the discotheques of the past.

Among the first boys band established in the early 90s … you guessed is East17. The first love in the primary classes and the first dance with the dear person (in secret) is just the atmosphere of these times that we remember when we think of the East17.

Before the curtain was drawn, Brooklyn Bounce electrified the audience with songs like “Take a Ride”, “Born to Bounce” and many more.
Thanks to Transylvania Music Events for this party and we will certainly be present next year.

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