Unlimited Friends Vs. Paul Van Hyden Secret Love

Unlimited Friends is a young collective made by lovely people from different points of the world as tribute to the 90′s dance music and especially the singers Ray and Anita from the dutch act 2 Unlimited. All guys involved in the project have the passion of the 90′s music in their hearts and different talents like dancing, singing, making music. After some exciting meetings with the magic technopop duo they all decided to establish that band and show their support with the first single “90′s Never End” which reached N1 in the eurodance charts after its release. The lead singer is Irene Dee (The Netherlands) an ex Music Idol participant, the male rappers are Rainer (Germany), Danza (Australia) and Enfortro (Australia). The main music producer Craig Oliver got fame with his bootleg remixes for 2 Unlimited and later official remixes for acts like Ice MC, Stay-C, Nance, T-Spoon’s rapper Lightwarrior, The Outhere Brothers and many more. Ben Kirk and Paul van Hyden were music coproducers to the both singles. Andrew Roberts aka the Tribal Dancer, an ex participant in the british talent show Got To Dance, is the main dancer of the band. Executive producer is Krasi Krastev (Germany), ex radio deejay and present owner of the dance label DMN Records. This is what people call Unlimited Friends.


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