Cappella Megamix 2019 by Dj Effe

Pentru ca se implinesc 30 de ani de la infiintarea trupei „Cappella”, nu se putea sarbatori altfel decat cu un proiect in care s-au adunat toate melodiile de succes al formatiei cu hituri precum: „Move on baby”, „U got 2 let the music”, „You and me”, „U got 2 know”,”Tell me the way”, „Move it up” si multe alte melodii adunate intr-un singur proiect megamix creat de renumitul Dj Effe.

Caappella – The Best Of In Da Mix -mixed by DJ Effe

Cappella – The Best Of In Da Mix – mixed by DJ Effe[INFO]ARTIST…..: CappellaTITLE……: The Best Of In Da Mix – mixed by DJ EffeRLS DATE…: 30.09.2019GENRE……: MegamixTYPE…….: BootlegTOTALTIME…: 4'06"01. Intro02. Turn me on (Album Version)03. Move on baby (Extnded Mix)04. Get out of my case (Album Mix)05. U got 2 let the music (Brescia Edit)06. Helyom halib (House Revenge Mix)07. Do you run away now (Radio Edit)08. You and me (Radio Edit)09. U got 2 know (Raf On Air Mix)10. Tell me the way (Video Edit)11. Be my baby (Edit Energy Mix)12. You are the power of love (String Mix)13. U tore my world apart (Raf Zone Mix)14. Can you feel it babe (Radio Edit Mix)15. Move it up (Fierce Mix)This mix is solely for the promotional purposes not commercial.I DO NOT own the rights to any of the songs or videos used in the footage.All credit and rights are reserved to their respective owners and talented artists.If you do not wish your work to be exposed, send me a private message andI will remove it immediately.

Publicată de DJ Effe pe Miercuri, 2 octombrie 2019

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